More than 4,000 Google Play apps silently collect a list of all other installed apps in a data grab that allows developers and advertisers to build detailed profiles of users, a recently published research paper found.

The apps use an Android-provided programming interface that scans a phone for details about all other apps installed on the phone. The app details—which include names, dates they were first installed and most recently updated, and more than three-dozen other categories—are uploaded to remote servers without permission and no notification.

IAM what IAM

Android’s installed application methods, or IAMs, are application programming interfaces that

Thanks to Cubbit you can now stop paying for cloud storage subscriptions and keep your files safe, encrypted and local, yet still accessible only by you from anywhere in the world. Cloud monthly subscription costs can quickly increase as your needs grow, Cubbit has been created to remove these monthly costs and provide you with a secure free personal cloud storage platform that is 100% secure and attached to your local network offering 4TB of storage. Pledges are now available offering a discount of 40% starting from $299 or £241 depending on exchange rates.

Removing any third party prying eyes

COVID 19 is the hottest topic right now on the internet not because it is a pandemic but also because most of us are sceptical about the symptoms. Since this disease share most of the symptoms with common flu, like cold or allergies. If you are also confused then let us tell you about the difference between the symptoms of COVID 19 and common flu.

Symptoms: COVID 19 vs Flu vs Cold

First look at the table below and see what symptoms you or the concerned person showing and decide whether its the flu, cold or COVID 19.

Credits: WebMD

Xiaomi and Honor have been leading the entry-level fitness tracker segment for a long time in India. And now, Realme too has joined the league with its all-new Realme Band, which undercuts the other two by a significant margin. So, is it really worth spending more for Mi Band 4 or Honor Band 5? Let’s check out the same in our detailed Realme Band vs Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5 comparison.

Realme Band vs Mi Band 4 vs Honor Band 5: Specs & Features


Starting with the design, the Realme Band gets a curved tracker that

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Huawei Celia Introduced

Huawei launched its flagship P40 series on March 26 and with it, introduced the new voice assistant. The three new devices, namely the Huawei P40 5G, Huawei P40 Pro 5G, and Huawei P40 Pro+ 5G, are now enabled with the Celia voice assistant. Just like the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, the Huawei Celia can be activated with “Hey, Celia”.