SpaceX and NASA are gearing up for the historic mission, where two NASA astronauts will head to the International SpaceStation from the US soil after nearly a decade. The SpaceX Crew Dragon is officially “go” to launch to kickstart the first crewed test flight of the spaceship.

SpaceX, NASA Gear Up for First Manned Mission

SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

Both NASA and SpaceX have been reviewing the Crew Dragon and gearing it for the final launch, a few hours from now. The Crew Dragon is scheduled to liftoff from the Florida Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A at 4:33 P.M.

It looks like Apple could have a winning formula on their hands because according to data released by Omdia, it has been suggested that the iPhone 11, released last year, is now the “world’s most popular” smartphone, surpassing that of the iPhone XR which was released in 2018.

This is based on global smartphone shipments in which the iPhone 11 managed to ship 19.5 million units in Q1 2020. This is versus the iPhone XR which managed to ship 13.6 million units in Q1 2019. It also shows what a massive lead the iPhone 11 has over its competition, like

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Realme recently released a new and improved Realme Buds Air Neo at a more affordable price than the original one. The Buds Air Neo is priced at Rs. 2,999 in India. Redmi, on the other hand, released its first true wireless earphones in India, Redmi Earbuds S which comes at a super affordable price of Rs 1,799. Let’s compare both of them and see which one is the best for you at this budget segment competition.

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Design and Build

Talking about the design, both wireless

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As millions of people around the United States scrambled in recent weeks to collect unemployment benefits and disbursements through the federal CARES Act, officials warned about the looming threat of COVID-19-related scams online. Now they’re here.

Last Thursday, the Secret Service issued an alert about a massive operation to file fraudulent unemployment claims in states around the country, like Washington and Massachusetts. Officials attributed the activity to Nigerian scammers and said millions of dollars had already been stolen. New research is now shedding light on one of the actors tied to the scams—and the other pandemic hustles they have