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As countries begin relaxing lockdown and opening up the economy for business, many are skeptical about the virus spreading once again. To keep employees safe, many organizations have advised their people to continue to work from home. Microsoft President Brad Smith notes that we could be walking into a digital 9/11 kind of situation soon.

Expect To See Digital 9/11 Says Microsoft President Brad Smith

Digital 9/11

In a virtual discussion hosted by MIT‘s ‘Hot Topics in Computing’ series, founded by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Smith talked about many things including climate change, Covid-19, and the work

After a successful crowdfunding campaign the team responsible for creating the GENKI Covert Dock for the Nintendo Switch are now in the final stages of gearing up to start shipping the Nintendo Switch portable dock and charger to eagerly awaiting backers. The tactical stealth dock for the Nintendo Switch is hidden inside a compact charger allowing you to free yourself from the television and quickly connect to other devices.

GENKI Covert Dock

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more. The all-in-one design replaces both the original dock and charger and is 10X smaller than the original dock. Foldable prongs with global adapters

The cable industry takes a subtle approach to anti-Title II advertising.

It’s 2020, and a coronavirus pandemic has underscored how crucial broadband service is to the lives of Americans for work, entertainment, and school. Internet service is a necessity, and yet it isn’t regulated as a utility the way services like water and electricity are. But back in 2014 (when this story was originally published) and 2015, there was a hot debate over whether the Federal Communications Commission should treat broadband service like a utility—or, more precisely, as a Title II common-carrier service—in order to impose net neutrality rules.


Prama Hikvision, a homegrown IoT solutions provider with video as its core competency. Keep this technology in mind, the company has come up with multiple products to fight against COVID-19. These products can be deployed in various public places where people gather in large numbers. Tech like face mask-wearing alert will recognize those who aren’t wearing masks even send a voice remainder to wear it. The products are further detailed here:

Prama Hikvision Temperature Screening Features

Prama Hikvision Temperature Screening Features

Prama Hikvision‘s temperature screening solution, with various product types and a wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures

In the latest beta for WhatsApp, it appears that the company is now testing out a new feature for adding contacts where you can simply scan a QR code to add them to your WhatsApp contacts list. This is versus before where you would need to add the person’s phone number to your phone’s contact list before you could start chatting with them on WhatsApp.

In many ways, this feature is long overdue. Apps such as LINE and WeChat already support the scanning of QR codes to add contacts. This can help boost privacy because in those instances, you would