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ISRO is doing its part to help the country in the fight against coronavirus. The space agency has put the launch of satellites and other space missions on hold. Instead, it is designing and developing simple to operate ventilators, a top official at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center noted. All rocket and satellite developments have been paused.

Coronavirus Effect: ISRO Shifts Focus From Satellites To Ventilators

ISRO Joins Fight Against Coronavirus

Apart from ventilators, the Indian Space Research Organization is also manufacturing sanitizers, oxygen canisters, and masks. According to a report by IANS, senior staff at the VSSC in Kerala said

The coronavirus pandemic has wrecked the whole world. Every country in the world is suffering from this pandemic and addressing it at its best level. In this article, we are going to tell you five ways in which you can know the COVID-19 in a better way and these ways will also help you to fight coronavirus in India.

Corona Kavach App

The government of India has launched its own dedicated app to help people keep pace with all the information on the outbreak of coronavirus. The app will provide information on coronavirus cases tracking in India as well as

The Guardian says it has evidence that Saudi Arabia is exploiting a decades-old weakness in the global telecoms network to track the kingdom’s citizens as they travel in the United States.

The publication cited data provided by a whistleblower that suggests Saudi Arabia is engaged in systematic spying by abusing Signalling System No. 7. Better known as SS7, it’s a routing protocol that allows cell phone users to connect seamlessly from carrier to carrier as they travel throughout the world. With little built-in security for carriers to verify one another, SS7 has always posed a potential hole that people

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Coronavirus has turned into a lethal pandemic and is still spreading at an alarming rate across the globe. India, too, is struggling to control the situation. However, this hasn’t stopped scammers from trying to make money from people. There are tons of online as well as offline scams running amid the crisis that many tend to fall for. In this article, let’s have a look at major coronavirus scams that everyone should be aware of.

Major Coronavirus Scams

1. Facial Mask & Sanitizer Scams

Facial Masks and Sanitizers are selling so extensively that they’ve gone unavailable at many places due