Enlarge / The Pentagon in its natural habitat—Arlington, Virginia—in 2018.

Amazon has notched up another minor victory in its lawsuit against the Department of Defense over a massive contract the federal government awarded to Microsoft late last year.

The DoD said Thursday that it will re-evaluate part of its decision to award the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract (JEDI, because of course) to Microsoft, CNN Business was first to report. In a court filing, the agency specified that it “wishes to reconsider its award decision in response to the other technical challenges presented by” Amazon Web Services.

JEDI, an agreement

The idea of being able to interact with our devices without touching it isn’t anything new. In fact, Google’s Pixel 4 series introduced Motion Sense, where users could interact with the phone without having to physically touch it, and now it looks like Apple could be exploring a similar idea for future MacBook laptops.

According to a patent that was discovered by AppleInsider, Apple seems to be working on a piece of tech that would allow users to interact with MacBook laptops without having to touch it. This will rely on the MacBook having a Touch Bar, because the tech

Earlier this month, a student was reported to have fallen victim to a scam, where he thought he was purchasing a brand new MacBook laptop, but instead ended up with two bottles of lemonade. Unfortunately, it seems that despite these scams being made public, it looks like the scam has claimed another victim.

According to a report from Birmingham Live, a man by the name of Dylan Obeegadoo is the latest victim of this scam. The victim claims that he was approached by two men called James and Frankie, where they approached him at the Churchill Shopping Centre.

Realme and Redmi have been battling neck to neck in the mid-range smartphone bracket for a long time. And while Redmi Note 8 Pro has been ruling the segment, Realme has now amped up its game with the all-new Realme 6.

Now, given the fact that the former is a dated offering, is it better to go with the Realme? Well, in this article, let’s have a look at detailed Realme 6 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro comparison, concerning specifications, features, and pricing to see which one’s a better buy at the moment.

Realme 6 vs Redmi Note 8

These days, smartphones are getting better than ever at capturing photos, but when it comes to videos, there are still some models that are a bit disappointing. For example, Google’s Pixel 4 which has been widely praised as having a pretty awesome camera, lacks the ability to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps.

For those who are a bit disappointed by this, you’ll be pleased to learn that according to a report from XDA Developers, they have discovered within an APK teardown that 4K video recording at 60 fps could be coming soon to the phone. This is according

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note series has always been popular in Indian smartphone market. Today the company has introduced the Redmi Note 9 series at an online event with two new phones – Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. For now, the company is selling Redmi Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max will go on sale later this month. We got our hands on the Redmi Note 9 Pro and here’s our first impressions of the same.

Glass Sandwich Design

Redmi Note 9 Pro comes with a glass sandwich design that looks quite premium from the