Thanks to Cubbit you can now stop paying for cloud storage subscriptions and keep your files safe, encrypted and local, as well as accessible, only by you, from anywhere. If you require up to 4TB of cloud storage monthly subscription costs can escalate, Cubbit has been created to remove these monthly costs and provides you with a secure free cloud storage platform that is 100% secure and attached to your local network, removing any third party prying eyes or companies, allowing you to mange your own data and documents . “Every file is protected by an AES-256 encryption algorithm, a

The CIGA gentlemen’s mechanical titanium watch has launched via Indiegogo this month and has raised over $2,000,000 thanks to over 10,000 backers from to successful crowdfunding campaigns. The unique watch has been specifically “designed to highlight real men’s love of complexity with outstanding design and superb performance ” say its creators. watch the videos below to learn more about its German award-winning design.

Mechanical watch

The CIGA Design Z-Series mechanical titanium watch is available from $249 or £186. View the demonstration video below to learn more about the watches transparent design that allows you to see its internal mechanism as time passes


Amazon will be canceling the re:Mars 2020 event, just like many other tech events due to coronavirus. The Amazon re:Mars is an annual AI event that primarily focuses on machine learning, robotics, space technology, automation, and more. However, the COVID-19 pandemic concerns have the event canceled now.

Amazon re:Mars 2020 Event Over Coronavirus

What Is Amazon re:Mars?

Amazon launched the re:Mars event last year. The 2019 event features Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Landing AI founder and CEO Andrew Ng, actor and producer Robert Downey, Jr., among others. The event witnessed pioneering robotics demos that included a Mars rover,