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Key Camera Specifications

  • Rear Camera System (3 cameras + ToF sensor)
    • Ultrawide: ~13mm 16-MP f/2.2 ultrawide
    • Primary: ~23mm 48-MP f/1.7 wide (Primary) +OIS
    • Zoom: ~70mm 8-MP f/2.4 telephoto +OIS

The Motorola Zoom One (~$450 at the time of publishing) has a strong features line-up for its price point, with three cameras that provide hardware support for all common scenarios we’re testing for.

In a rapidly

COVID-19 Coronavirus has been spreading at an alarming rate since the past few weeks, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The outbreak has gone so worse that it’s lately been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Now, since there’s no cure available at the moment, each one of us must stay aware and follow all the necessary steps to keep away from the disease. In this article, let’s talk about how you can prepare yourself to prevent COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Prepare & Prevent COVID-19 Coronavirus

For starters, Coronavirus is an infectious disease caused by

NASA During Coronavirus Pandemic

NASA has sketched an internal ‘response framework’ on how it plans to deal with the pandemic in four different stages. This includes the number of people working from home, the level of access to NASA facilities, and how much travel will be permitted. Currently, two NASA Centers, namely the Ames Research Center and Marshall Space Flight Center are on Stage 3.

Stage 3

NASA signaled the Stage 3 phase after employees tested positive for coronavirus at both these centers. Stage 3 means telework is mandatory and entry is permitted to ‘mission-essential’ personnel at site facilities.

Apart from these

Emails and websites are promising vital information about keeping safe from the coronavirus pandemic that’s sweeping the globe and threatening millions. In fact, a flood of them are scams that push malware, ransomware, and disinformation; attempt to steal passwords and personal information; and conduct espionage operations by hackers working for nation-states.

One of the most recent coronavirus hoaxes to come to light is an Android app available at coronavirusapp[.]site. It claims to provide access to a map that provides real-time virus-tracking and information, including heatmap visuals and statistics. In fact, a researcher from DomainTools said, the app is laced