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Google has launched the second Android 11 developer preview also known as DP2. The company has released the second preview with certain changes and improvement which help developers to improve the build. The DP2 comes with a series of new features which also includes an addition to face unlock system called ‘Require eyes to open’ toggle.

Google Releases Second Android 11 Developer Preview With New Features

This new feature will not unlock the smartphone if the users’ eyes are not open. Besides it also comes with features like 5G state API, hinge detection for the foldable devices, different refresh rates for apps

Researchers have uncovered a mobile surveillance campaign that has used more than 30 malicious Android apps to spy on targets over the past 11 months. Two of the most recent samples are exploiting the coronavirus by hiding off-the-shelf surveillanceware inside apps that promise to provide information about the ongoing pandemic.

One of the apps, “corona live 1.1,” is a trojanized version of “corona live,” a legitimate app that provides an interface to data found on this tracker from Johns Hopkins University. Buried inside the spoofed app is a sample of SpyMax, a commercially available piece of surveillanceware that gives attackers