Criminals are exploiting critical flaws to corral Internet-of-things devices from two different manufacturers into botnets that wage distributed denial-of-service attacks, researchers said this week. Both DVRs from Lilin and storage devices from Zyxel are affected, and users should install updates as soon as possible.

Multiple attack groups are exploiting the Lilin DVR vulnerability to conscript them into DDoS botnets known as FBot, Chalubo, and Moobot, researchers from security firm Qihoo 360 said on Friday. The latter two botnets are spinoffs of Mirai, the botnet that used hundreds of thousand of IoT devices to bombard sites with

Thanks to Cubbit you can now stop paying for cloud storage subscriptions and keep your files safe, encrypted and local, as well as accessible, only by you, from anywhere. If you require up to 4TB of cloud storage monthly subscription costs can escalate, Cubbit has been created to remove these monthly costs and provides you with a secure free cloud storage platform that is 100% secure and attached to your local network, removing any third party prying eyes or companies, allowing you to mange your own data and documents . “Every file is protected by an AES-256 encryption algorithm, a

Realme recently got into the smartphone market and got a good chunk of the market share in such less time. Now, the brand wants to get separated from the Oppo completely and wanted to be identified as a standalone brand. The first step toward this is making a user interface for their smartphones.

Realme already released this new update to some of its smartphones and one budget smartphone already released with the realme UI out of the box. If you already got your hands on the realme UI then here are a couple of tips and tricks to try out

India’s indigenous navigation system NavIC has lately been announced for commercial use in the country. It has added a new term in the spec sheet of smartphones, and the companies are fighting to claim to be the first to offer it on their devices. So, what exactly is NavIC? How does it compare with GPS and how to check if your phone supports it? Let’s have a brief look at the same. Read on.

What is NavIC?

For those unaware, NavIC is an acronym for Navigation with Indian Constellation. As mentioned, it’s India’s first homegrown positioning system and is


NASA has a couple of ambitious missions lined up, including the manned mission to the Moon. However, it’s been reported that NASA has suspended all the work related to the Artemis mission, including building and testing the rocket and capsule. As suspected, the reason is the coronavirus pandemic, NASA said.

NASA Artemis Mission Put On Hold

NASA Facilities Come To Standstill

NASA said that it would be shutting down the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans. This is the center where the Space Launch System rocket is being constructed for the Artemis mission. It would also shut down

Enlarge / A Charter Spectrum vehicle.

Charter has partially backed away from its strict rules against working from home during the coronavirus pandemic and will let up to 40 percent of call-center employees do remote work.

Charter Executive VP Cliff Hagan sent a memo to employees today, explaining that employees will have to meet certain conditions before being allowed to work at home:

A balance of “In Center” and “Remote Work” will be maintained. We’ll begin offering remote work opportunities to those who are at higher-risk from a health standpoint, and then open the option to additional employees who are