After a successful Kickstarter campaign the Albicchiere smart wine dispenser and preserver is now available via Indiegogo with early bird pricing offering a 25% discount off the recommended retail price. The development team based in Italy have created a unique wine dispenser and preservation system that allows you to enjoy a perfect glass of wine at the perfect temperature.


The innovative Albicchiere allows you to preserve wine for up to 6 months from the date of opening, 8x times longer than other systems. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about Albicchiere and seei it in action.

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During this time of lockdown, everyone is meeting online to keep the social practice of social distancing. And while you are working from home, you need to attend a lot of meetings on video calls to keep the work going on. Here we have a small list of tips and things you should keep in mind while attending an online video call.

Tips to Improve Video Conferencing

Change Video Background

You first need to find a better spot in your house to create the video call. Make sure that the background should be cleaner and not a mess or clutter


Looks like Apple is on an acquisition spree. The iPhone maker regularly acquires artificial intelligence startups to enhance Siri’s capabilities. But with the latest acquisition of an AI startup called Voysis, Apple might make Siri more conversational. This is in particular reference to using Siri for shopping via mobile apps in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant To Get Better With Latest Acquisition

Apple Acquires Voysis

This is the latest acquisition by Apple after purchasing the weather forecast app Dark Sky. According to the Bloomberg report, which first reported the new acquisition, it remains unclear how Apple will be

Ryan Pickren

A security bug that gave malicious hackers the ability to access the cameras of Macs, iPhones, and iPads has fetched a $75,000 bounty to the researcher who discovered it.

In posts published here and here, researcher Ryan Pickren said he discovered seven vulnerabilities in Safari and its Webkit browser engine that, when chained together, allowed malicious websites to turn on the cameras of Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Pickren privately reported the bugs, and Apple has since fixed the vulnerabilities and paid the researcher $75,000 as part of the company’s bug bounty program.

Apple tightly restricts the access

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TracFone Wireless is facing a potential $6 million fine for allegedly defrauding a government program that provides discount telecom service to poor people.

The Federal Communications Commission proposed the fine against TracFone yesterday, saying the prepaid wireless provider obtained FCC Lifeline funding by “enroll[ing] fictitious subscriber accounts.” TracFone improperly sought and received more than $1 million from Lifeline, the FCC said.

The FCC press release said:

TracFone’s sales agents—who were apparently compensated via commissions for new enrollments—apparently manipulated the eligibility information of existing subscribers to create and enroll fictitious subscriber accounts. For example,