If you want to reverse a recorded video to share it with friends then here we have a is of apps which lets you do that for free. These apps are free and the list has been curated so you can easily choose from them. If you don’t want to install an app and just want to do it once then you can use the website method which is free also.

Reverse Movie FX

Reverse Movie FX is a simple app that gets the job done in no time with a bunch of features to add something to the result.

Cheat Sheets is a new sheet pan cooking system that allows meals to be easily prepared, offering a completely new approach to sheet pan cooking. “Oven-safe, non-stick silicone dividers that will streamline your cooking and divide your ingredients, to make one-pan meals and meal prepping a breeze.” Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Cheat Sheets cooking system which has raised over $1,000,000 thanks to over 12,000 backers via Kickstarter.

Cheat Sheets

Early bird pledges are available from $39 or roughly £32 offering a limited time discount off the recommended retail price. If all goes to plan worldwide

What Is Jezero Crater?

The Jezero Crater is one of the oldest craters on Mars with a stunning landscape. The crater is a dried-up paleo-lakebed, with a preserved river delta and sediments; it is also estimated to contain at least five different types of rocks, which can further be sampled for further studies. What’s more, the Jezero Crater holds geological features that are approximately 3.6 billion years old.

Jezero Crater was formed

A new research paper says that the Jezero Crater was formed over periods long enough to promote both habitability and the preservation of evidence. Naturally, the crater is one of the ideal

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT services used by millions of people across the globe. While it readily offers an excellent platform for watching videos, movies, and TV shows, there are certain tweaks that can enhance your overall experience. In this article, we’ve mentioned five such Netflix hacks for you to get the most out of the streaming service.

Top 5 Netflix Hacks to Get the Best Experience

1. Get Reminders for Upcoming Shows

Netflix displays all the upcoming titles in the Coming Soon tab. Here you can watch trailers of all the upcoming movies and TV shows


UIDAI has given permission to the Common Service Centre to introduce the Aadhaar update service at 20,000 centres which run as Banking Correspondents (BCs). But CSCs will not be allowed to accept the new applicants for Aadhaar.

Common Service Centres To Update Aadhaar After UIDAI Nod

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Telecom, MEITY, and Law Minister, said in a tweet that a total of 20,000 CSCs will be able to provide this facility. He also said to the CSC’s village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs) to start the Aadhaar work as per the guidelines of UIDAI.

CSC chief executive Dinesh Tyagi has asked all BCs

Enlarge / A Frontier Communications service van.

Small Internet providers have asked for a government investigation into Frontier Communications’ claim that it recently deployed broadband to nearly 17,000 census blocks, saying the expansion seems unlikely given Frontier’s bankruptcy and its historical failure to upgrade networks in rural areas.

The accuracy of Frontier’s claimed expansion matters to other telcos because the Federal Communications Commission is planning to distribute up to $16 billion to ISPs that commit to deploying broadband in census blocks where there isn’t already home Internet service with speeds of at least 25Mbps downstream and 3Mbps upstream. An entire