The credit card size HyperJuice is the world’s first 100W Gallium Nitride charger and also the world’s smallest 100W charger that is 50% smaller than current traditional chargers. HyperJuice is a super small USB-C charger capable providing quick charge power simultaneously to a variety for devices such as your laptop, tablet, smartphone and camera.


Watch the demonstration video and overview videos below to learn more about the small yet powerful USB-C charger which has raised over $1.3 million via crowd funding thanks to over 20,000 backers and is now available to purchase via Indiegogo In Demand from $69 thanks to

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Facial-recognition algorithms from Los Angeles startup TrueFace are good enough that the US Air Force uses them to speed security checks at base entrances. But CEO Shaun Moore says he’s facing a new question: How good is TrueFace’s technology when people are wearing face masks?

“It’s something we don’t know yet because it’s not been deployed in that environment,” Moore says. His engineers are testing their technology on masked faces and are hurriedly gathering images of masked faces to tune their machine-learning algorithms for pandemic times.

Facial recognition has become more widespread and accurate in