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WhatsApp has many ore hidden features that can make our chatting experience better. We keep telling you such features that you may not know about this messaging app. In this article, we are going to tell such WhatsApp trick that will help you in knowing who is texting or calling you on WhatsApp and will also save you some time.

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Use Customize notifications

There might be some special contact on your list whose message you won’t want to miss. You would like to know instantly if they


Tech events are some of the exciting gatherings offering the latest discoveries. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the events to switch to online behind closed doors. Some tech events were even canceled. Apple’s WWDC Developer Conference is one such event that will be hosted online, starting from June 22.

Apple WWDC Developer Conference To Kickstart Online From June 22

How To Access Apple WWDC Conference Online?

Apple announced back in March that it would hold the annual WWDC Developers Conference online. Traditionally, Apple would host the event at the San Jose Convention Center. The company’s latest announcement noted that

Enlarge / Inside a Tesla.

Tesla infotainment systems are a marvel to behold. Among other things, they display Netflix or Youtube videos, run Spotify, connect to Wi-Fi, and of course store phone numbers of contacts. But those benefits require storing heaps of personal information that an amateur researcher found can reveal owners’ most sensitive data.

The researcher, who described himself as a “Tesla tinkerer that’s curious about how things work,” recently gained access to 13 Tesla MCUs—short for media control units—that were removed from electric vehicles during repairs and refurbishments. Each one of the devices stored a trove of sensitive