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Asteroid sightings are pretty common and are observed by astronomers and researchers. NASA notes that not one, but five asteroids are about to flyby Earth. The update comes from the NASA Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), which further noted that the biggest of the five is the 2020 KF and is 144ft in size.

Five Asteroids To Flyby Earth Today: How Dangerous Is It?

Asteroid Flyby: Is It Dangerous?

All the five asteroids that will flyby Earth are pretty large. Going into the details provided by NASA, there is a 108ft wide asteroid and is named 2020 KK7. This asteroid if

WeTransfer is a really amazing file sharing service that we all use to share a large amount of data. Recently this service got banned in India and we can no longer use this service anymore. But there are other alternatives which you can use to share your data with similar security and are free to use.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one thing when pops in mind when talking about online storage or sharing files. Google Drive is also free(not completely), you get 15GB of space on your Google Account. You have to pay a reasonable price if you want

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Ransomware operators say they’re auctioning off victims’ confidential data in an attempt to put further pressure on them to pay hefty fees for its safe return.

The Happy Blog, a dark Web site maintained by the criminals behind the ransomware known by the names REvil, Sodin, and Sodinokibi, began the online bidding process earlier on Tuesday. Previously, the group published limited details of selected victim data and threatened to air additional confidential material if the owners didn’t pay. Besides stealing the data, the group also encrypts it so that it’s no longer accessible to the owners.

Combining the