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A researcher has published exploit code for a Microsoft Windows vulnerability that, when left unpatched, has the potential to spread from computer to computer with no user interaction.

So-called wormable security flaws are among the most severe, because the exploit of one vulnerable computer can start a chain reaction that rapidly spreads to hundreds of thousands, millions, or tens of millions of other vulnerable machines. The WannaCry and NotPetya exploits of 2017, which caused worldwide losses in the billions and tens of billions of dollars respectively, owe their success to CVE-2017-0144, the tracking number for an earlier wormable Windows vulnerability.

Chinese apps have a massive predominance in India and other parts of the world. There are numerous made in China apps that are widely popular in the country, with millions of downloads on Google Play Store and App Store. However, with rising anti-China sentiments, people are now looking for alternatives to the popular Chinese apps in the market.

Now, any app that offers similar functionality and isn’t made in China could be an ideal choice for many. However, it’s not easy as it seems given the hundreds of thousands of apps available online. Therefore, we are here with top apps


Exploring Mars has just become even more interesting now. Finally, NASA has succeeded in digging in the ‘mole’ inside the Red Planet’s surface, using the InSight lander. The mole here refers to the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package, aboard the lander to help better understand the geology and internal structure of Mars.

NASA InSight Lander Succeeds In Pushing Mole Into Martian Soil

It should be noted that the NASA InSight lander landed on Mars back in 2018 with three key tools to explore the planet. One among them is the mole, which has been having difficulty for more than a year