Mobile games on smartphones are getting updated with new graphics and new mechanics every day. But one thing which is getting removed from new games is the ability to play them offline. So, here we have some offline mobile games for Android which you can play without a data connection.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is a fighting game with a completely different approach. I have never played a fighting game like this, there is a story link in the gameplay. You get a really long story-based campaign that can take months to complete. There are online duel matches

Until Wednesday, a single text message sent through Cisco’s Jabber collaboration application was all it took to touch off a self-replicating attack that would spread malware from one Windows user to another, researchers who developed the exploit said.

The wormable attack was the result of several flaws, which Cisco patched on Wednesday, in the Chromium Embedded Framework that forms the foundation of the Jabber client. A filter that’s designed to block potentially malicious content in incoming messages failed to scrutinize code that invoked a programming interface known as “onanimationstart.”

Jumping through hoops

But even then, the filter still blocked content

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Note 20 Ultra Camera: What’s new?

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera system is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s. The Primary and Ultrawide cameras have identical technical specifications.

However, the Zoom camera has changed in a meaninful way. The 48 Megapixel (103mm) camera is replaced by a 12 Megapixel camera (123mm).

The zoom megapixel count and sensor size difference seem dramatic,