If you play Among Us with your friends and have difficulty winning the game either as a crewmate or an imposter, then follow these simple tips and tricks so you won’t get owned easily in this game. These tips and tricks will give you an extra edge in the game so you can ace every match easily.

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Among Us Tips and Tricks for Crewmate

Catch Imposter Pretending to do Tasks

The imposter is not allowed to do any real tasks so the person pretends to do the tasks. You can catch the imposters

Mobile phone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. And it’s no longer a surprise to see people relying on their phones for shooting short films or YouTube videos. Now, if you’re into mobile photography or videography, you may want to buy a good tripod to take those sharp, steady shots. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of five best tripods for mobile phones in India for different price bands and requirements.

Best Tripods for Mobile Phones in India (2020)

Before we start with our mobile tripods list, do note that you can always use a

Enlarge / The 2014 Mac mini is pictured here alongside the 2012 Mac mini. They looked the same, but the insides were different in some key—and disappointing—ways.

A recently released tool is letting anyone exploit an unusual Mac vulnerability to bypass Apple’s trusted T2 security chip and gain deep system access. The flaw is one researchers have also been using for more than a year to jailbreak older models of iPhones. But the fact that the T2 chip is vulnerable in the same way creates a new host of potential threats. Worst of all, while Apple may be able

The compact Sonic Soak is a unique ultrasonic cleaner is capable of cleaning a wide variety of different things including vegetables, laundry, toys, glasses, jewellery and more. Using efficient ultrasonic cleaning technology the cleaning system is more efficient than a washing machine. Sonic Soak enables precise cleaning while using less energy than traditional washing machines […]

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