With the launch of Realme 7 Pro and Narzo 20 Pro, Realme took the crown of offering the fastest charging phones in the sub-20K segment in India. In this article, let’s have a quick look at Realme’s 65W SuperDart charging, how it works, and if it’s safe for your phone.

Realme 65W SuperDart Charging: Everything You Need to Know

For starters, Realme’s 65W SuperDart Charging shares the same technology as SuperVOOC 2.0 from Oppo and OnePlus’ Warp Charge 65. No, it isn’t the highest what the company offers- both Realme and Oppo have already announced their high-tech 125W charging technologies,

The development team at HULKMAN in California have created a new smart jump starter to help get your vehicle running when it’s battery may need a little help. Specifically designed to help your vehicle start even if its battery is dead, the HULKMAN provides 4,000A peak current and features a 32,000 mAh large capacity battery […]

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As many of you know, Huawei’s more recent smartphones do not come with Google Play Services installed on them due to the company being on the US Entity List. This prevents them from doing business with US companies, such as Google, however, there is some good news on that front.

This good news comes in the form of an app developed by XDA Developers forum member bender_007. It’s called Googlefier and what it does is that it makes it a quick and easy method of installing Google’s apps onto Huawei and Honor smartphones. While it was possible to do so

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Russian state nationals accused of wielding life-threatening malware specifically designed to tamper with critical safety mechanisms at a petrochemical plant are now under sanction by the US Treasury Department.

The attack drew considerable concern because it’s the first known time hackers have used malware designed to cause death or injury, a prospect that may have actually happened had it not been for a lucky series of events. The hackers—who have been linked to a Moscow-based research lab owned by the Russian government—have also targeted a

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The Google Pixel Series is one of the most powerful and trusted mobile camera brands on the market. With the Google Pixel 5 out on the market at a price of ~$699, let’s take a closer look at how its camera system performs in Day/Night/Ultrawide and Zoom photography and what Uber IQ Camera benchmark score it gets.

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The Federal Communications Commission has finished investigating T-Mobile for a network outage that Chairman Ajit Pai called “unacceptable.” But instead of punishing the mobile carrier, the FCC is merely issuing a public notice to “remind” phone companies of “industry-accepted best practices” that could have prevented the T-Mobile outage.

After the 12-hour nationwide outage on June 15 disrupted texting and calling services, including 911 emergency calls, Pai wrote that “the T-Mobile network outage is unacceptable” and that “the FCC is launching an