Mini PCs have become increasingly popular for their compact form factor packed with powerful features. The latest addition is the Asus Chromebox 4, a new mini PC with a 10th-gen Intel Core processor. Unlike its predecessor, the Asus Chromebox 4 has several new features internally, including Wi-Fi 6, Google Play support, and more.

Asus Chromebox 4 With 10th-Gen Intel Core Processor Launched

Asus Chromebox 4 Features

The design aspect of the Asus Chromebox 4 is largely similar to the Asus Chromebox 3, including the weight of 1KG. However, the features have been upgraded in the latest mini PC, which now includes

While the majority of mobile games can be played perfectly fine using the onscreen controls, there are some games that might benefit from using an external game controller. However, this in turn raises some issues in which gamers will need to spend extra money on a separate accessory.

The good news is that so far, a lot of mobile devices already support the PS4 and Xbox One’s gaming controllers, but what about the next-gen controllers? If you’re an Xbox Series X or Series S owner, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has stated in a support document that they

One of the changes that Apple introduced in iOS 14 was the ability to add widgets to the home screen. This in turn fueled the desire of iOS users to customize their home screens even further by using Siri Shortcuts to create custom app icons to help match the aesthetics of their iPhones, although there was a bit of a downside.

Siri Shortcuts, in its current form, runs Shortcuts first before it opens the app. This means that there is an additional step which slows the process down, but there is some good news. According to those testing out the

One of the massive changes that Apple introduced in iOS 14 was the ability to add widgets to the home screen. While previous versions of iOS allowed users to add widgets, it was to a page to the left of the home screen. The extra step to swipe over basically meant that in some cases, it would have just been faster to launch the app itself.

It turns out that Apple’s decision to finally allow users to add widgets to the home screen might have been a good one, and it could also be good news for both developers and

The LG Wing is a commercial concept phone that is the first in the LG Explorer series of devices. It maximizes the user experience (UX) for landscape-optimized apps and augments the total available screen area by integrating a secondary screen. In this review, we put this new concept to the test and let you know how it works in the real world.

There is more to the LG Wing than just the display, and LG has also done a lot of work on video capabilities.

We will go right to the good stuff, with the new form-factor and video filming


For years, Google and Mozilla have battled to keep abusive or outright malicious browser extensions from infiltrating their official repositories. Now, Microsoft is taking up the fight.

Over the past several days, people in website forums have complained of the Google searches being redirected to oksearch[.]com when they use Edge. Often, the searches use cdn77[.]org for connectivity.

After discovering the redirections weren’t an isolated incident, participants in this Reddit discussion winnowed the list of suspects down to five. All of them are knockoffs of legitimate add-ons. That means that while the extensions bear the names of legitimate developers, they