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Update, 1/2/21: It’s New Year’s weekend, and Ars staff is still enjoying some necessary downtime to prepare for a new year (and a slew of CES emails, we’re sure). While that happens, we’re resurfacing some vintage Ars stories like this 2017 project from Ars Editor Emeritus Sean Gallagher, who created generations of nightmare fuel with only a nostalgic toy and some IoT gear. Tedlexa was first born (err, documented in writing) on January 4, 2017, and its story appears unchanged below.

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The Note Series from Samsung is always praised by artists and business professionals because of the included S pen, which comes with pretty useful features and one of them is writing notes on the display/home screen itself. But, everyone can’t spend such a huge money just to get this functionality. So today I’ll be sharing a few workaround to get the feature on your phone. (It may not work exactly as the Galaxy Note series, but something is better than nothing)

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2 Ways to Write notes on your phone wallpaper

Cheerble is a robotic rolling ball and cat board game designed to provide an interactive toy for cats in the style of a maze, scratcher and catcher. The interactive smart cat toy has already raised over $600,000 thanks to over 9,000 backers and is now available via Indiegogo at a 35% discount for a limited […]

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