It looks like a giant asteroid is buzzing towards Earth and could reach us in the next couple of days. Interestingly, French astrologer, Nostradamus predicted this asteroid movement eons ago and the prediction is coming true. To note, the asteroid is 0.83 times the height of the Eiffel Tower and could either be a visual treat or a possible threat!

Asteroid As Big As Eiffle Tower Hurtling Towards Earth

Massive Asteroid Coming to Earth

The asteroid has been named 2021 CO247 and is quite massive in size. Presently, it is predicted that it would fly by the Earth at a 7.4


Dell has officially unveiled a range of next-generation work-grade and gaming laptops. Besides, the company has launched new professional monitors just days ahead of CES 2021. Here are some of the products which will be launched over the next few months across the globe.

Dell Unveils New Laptops And Monitors Ahead Of CES 2021

Dell 34 Curved Video Conferencing Monitors

The Dell 34 curved video conferencing monitors comes in different screen sizes, including 34-inch, 27-inch, and 24-inch. These monitors are certified for Microsoft Teams and offer features like secure facial recognition sign-in and hands-free commands.

All three models will be available in

Enlarge / Side view of colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow on Red Square in front of the Kremlin, Russia.

Hackers working for the Russian government were “likely” behind the software supply chain attack that planted a backdoor in the networks of 180,000 private companies and governmental bodies, officials from the US National Security Agency and three other agencies said on Tuesday.

The assessment—made in a joint statement that also came from the FBI, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence—went on to say that the hacking campaign was a “serious compromise