These days we can’t believe everything we see online, especially on social media. The internet is filled with many “photoshopped” images that are circulated either to have fun or sometimes to misguide people. Ever since its birth, Photoshop has been a quick and easy way to tweak photos and lately it has led to many fake news circulating around the globe. However, there are now a range of tools and techniques that make it easy to find out if the image is manipulated. Here we are discussing six ways to tell if an image has been photoshopped or edited.


Fromaggio is a new countertop cheese maker that allows you to make your very own specialized cheeses from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Fromaggio cheesemaker is now available to preorder and comes complete with its own smartphone companion application enabling you to monitor your cheese making process […]

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Enlarge / The image currently at the top of r/donaldtrump.

Original story: On Friday, Reddit joined this week’s response to violent online rhetoric as spearheaded by President Donald Trump and removed its “r/donaldtrump” community, the site’s largest existing community dedicated specifically to Trump. Visiting any of that community’s pages now leads to a simple message pointing to Reddit’s rules about “inciting violence,” which starts by saying, “Do not post violent content.”

Without a citation of specific Reddit threads or a formal announcement from Reddit administrators clarifying the move, users may be left wondering about the exact reason for the removal.