This year at CES, the South Korean giant has introduced a new transparent OLED TV, a smart bed with a built-in display, and an 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED Screen. The brand’s focus has been primarily on the display technology this year. Here’s what LG introduced at the CES 2021:

LG 55-inch Transparent OLED Display

LG 55-inch Transparent OLED Display

The LG 55-inch Transparent OLED display is designed for the public commute. The company showcased this product being used on a subway. It will be showing the passengers all the necessary travel information such as routes, time, and weather status of a location, and more.

OnePlus launched its first-ever fitness band in India. Dubbed as OnePlus Band, this new fitness tracker comes at Rs. 2,499 and it directly takes on Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 which is also being sold at the same price. These fitness bands come with mostly similar specs such as a color AMOLED touch display, however, the OnePlus band has some extra features like a SpO2 sensor. So, which smart band is right for you? Let’s find out in our specs-based OnePlus Band Vs Mi Band 5 comparison.

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With such a busy life, we often tend to forget things quite easily. And when that thing strikes back in our mind again, it’s already too late to work on them. Have you ever wished that there should be a way to get reminder alerts based on specific locations? Don’t worry today I’ll be sharing 2 ways to set location-based reminders on your phone.

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Ways to Set Location-Based Reminders

1. Using Google keep

  • Download and Install Google Keep on your phone.
  • Create any notes you want to get

Amazon has told Parler that it will suspend the company’s AWS hosting services access. The news came on the same day that Apple suspended the social media app, which is a popular place for conservatives to flock to be able to speak freely. It also comes one day after Google removed it from the Play […]

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