The Galaxy Buds Pro is the most advanced Samsung earbuds and features active noise cancellation (ANC), speech detection, and virtual surround sound, to cite a few. We will go over the most critical aspects of this new product to determine if it is right for you.

Industrial Design

The size and aesthetic of the new Galaxy Buds Pro are improvements over the Buds and Buds Plus. Buds Pro may not be as small as the Galaxy Buds Live, but it has noticeably better sound quality and cater to a different use case.

The IPx7 IP-Rating means that the Galaxy Buds

Many people are shifting from WhatsApp to telegram and other apps like Signal after the recent privacy policy changes of Facebook-owned messenger. If you are one of those who switched to Telegram messenger from WhatsApp, here are some cool chatting tricks for you that you don’t get in WhatsApp. We are listing three chat features that make Telegram better than WhatsApp.

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Telegram Chat Features

Silent Messages

If you don’t want to disturb someone late at night but also want to remind them about something by sending a text,


A team of scientists from Columbia University has published a paper talking about how humanity could power a colony outside Earth by turning black holes into a power source. The paper hints that a spinning black hole emits a certain amount of energy and if it is enveloped with an external gravity source, it would force the singularity to produce negative energy.

Scientists Might Know How To Power Off-Earth Colonies From Black Holes

Theoretically, this energy would replace the escaping positive energy, thus freeing it from the black hole’s grasp and creating an opportunity to be used as a power source. In other

Apple recently launched their new AirPods Max headphones and now some owners of these new headphones have been reporting issues with battery drain on the device. Some of the issues have been reported on the Apple Support forums and also on Reddit, some people have reported that the battery is draining overnight when not in […]

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