Sometimes we find an image online but do not its source or from where it is taken, or we want to use some image in our project but not sure about its origin, in such a scenario, search by image feature comes in handy. Perhaps you might have heard of Google’s Image Search service for the same. There are some other ways too in which you can search by image online. Here are the three best reverse image search tools you can use in 2021.

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One of the major factors that contribute to the rise in space debris is the surge in the number of small satellite launches. When these satellites go dysfunctional or serve their purpose, they are often left as it is in their orbits, which results in space debris and is potentially dangerous.

ESA Using Innovative Tech For Small Satellites To Reduce Space Debris

Many solutions to this problem have been proposed that involve capturing and disposing of the debris. But a better solution would be to create less debris in the first place. This can be possible if satellites are equipped with a self-destruct

Italy’s Data Protection Authority has blocked TikTok for users whose age can’t be verified. This comes after a 10-year-old girl died while allegedly participating in a “blackout” choking challenge. Officials say it was too easy for kids under 13 to sign up using a fake birth date, suggesting that the loose safeguards are responsible for […]

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