Your phone is one gadget which you stay cling to almost every time. And during this period of lockdown, this situation got worse, now you are stick to it more than ever. Well, it’s no big deal since you have nothing more to do. At least keep your phone clean to make sure that you stay safe during this lockdown.

Here we have a list of tips that can help you stay safe during this pandemic lockdown.

There are only two things which can keep you entertained during this lockdown; Netflix and Games. If you are already fed up with watching movies and shows then you need to give your brain a dose of games. Here is a list of the best open-world games you can play on your smartphone right now.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is an MMORPG, if you like and play MMORPG games on PC then you will love this game on your phone. It has the est graphics any MMORPG on a smartphone could have and looks epic in every aspect.

During this time of lockdown, everyone is meeting online to keep the social practice of social distancing. And while you are working from home, you need to attend a lot of meetings on video calls to keep the work going on. Here we have a small list of tips and things you should keep in mind while attending an online video call.

Tips to Improve Video Conferencing

Change Video Background

You first need to find a better spot in your house to create the video call. Make sure that the background should be cleaner and not a mess or clutter

Coronavirus pandemic is becoming havoc to every country of the world. The cases of COVID-19 patients are rising every hour and in such a scenario, misinformation is a big issue. So, to update people with the right information several tech companies and governments have launched their respective platforms. The government of India has also built a COVID-19 tracker to inform people with accurate data related to the pandemic.

There are several COVID-19 tracker websites and apps available online but all of them are reliable. Here we list 5 best COVID-19 trackers that use data from reliable sources.

COVID-19 Trackers


Last month, the Finance Minister of India announced to increase the GST rate for several products including mobile phones. As compared to the previous 12%, the new applicable GST rate is 18% which is a 50% increase and it is applicable from April 1, 2020. Now, as a result of the GST hike, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Realme, POCO, and iQOO have announced the new increased prices of their smartphones.

Here’s a list of new prices of these companies’ smartphones after GST Rate Hike.

Samsung Smartphones

Model Old Price  New Price
Galaxy S20 Rs. 66,999 Rs. 70,500
Galaxy S20+ Rs.

If you run a business and its difficult to do online meetings with your employees on voice call conferencing then here we have a solution. There are a lot of services which can let you conduct a hassle-free meeting on a video call with the highest quality. You get a free trial on all of these services so you know which service is best for you.


Zoom is the most popular service for online meetings during this lockdown and it comes with a lot of features to help you with meetings. Starting with features; you can do online meetings