Enlarge / Closeup of a Predator MQ-9 uncrewed aerial vehicle.

US Reps. Will Hurd and Robin Kelly are from opposite sides of the ever-widening aisle, but they share a concern that the United States may lose its grip on artificial intelligence, threatening the American economy and the balance of world power.

On Thursday, Hurd (R-Tex.) and Kelly (D-Ill.) offered suggestions to prevent the US from falling behind China, especially, on applications of AI to defense and national security. They want to cut off China’s access to AI-specific silicon chips and push Congress and federal agencies to devote more resources

The hackers behind this month’s epic Twitter breach targeted a small number of employees through a “phone spear phishing attack,” the social media site said on Thursday night. When the pilfered employee credentials failed to give access to account support tools, the hackers targeted additional workers who had the permissions needed to access the tools.

“This attack relied on a significant and concerted attempt to mislead certain employees and exploit human vulnerabilities to gain access to our internal systems,” Twitter officials wrote in a post. “This was a striking reminder of how important each person on our team is


Update: Huawei has responded to Gizbot noting that the reports of lay off are untrue. The Chinese company did not elaborate further on the matter. Huawei notes that it would continue to work closely with its customers in India, putting off comments about lay off of employees in the country.

Smartphone manufacturers, along with many other multi-national companies have been cutting down their revenue targets for 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has drastically affected revenue turnover, especially for smartphone- and tech-gadget makers. The list also includes Huawei, which will be cutting its

Enlarge / A woman wearing a mask walks past a Rite-Aid store in Portland, Oregon, in May 2020.

Pharmacy chain Rite Aid deployed facial recognition technology in hundreds of store locations in the nation’s largest cities, particularly in low-income neighborhoods predominantly home to people of color, a new report has found.

Reuters today published an in-depth report citing internal documents, interviews with more than 40 sources familiar with the systems, and first-hand observation of cameras in stores, which found the technology was deployed in at least 200 stores, including 75 identified in New York and Los Angeles.

Whenever a customer


NASA is gearing up to send the Perseverance rover off to Mars, finally. The liftoff is set for July 30 from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The Perseverance Martian rover is equipped with the latest tech, including a helicopter, cameras, and microphones. After many delays, the NASA Persevearance rover is finally ‘go’ for launch.

NASA Perseverance Rover Ready For Liftoff, Finally

NASA Perseverance Rover Launch

Once the spacecraft lifts off on Thursday (July 30), the rover should reach Mars by February after traveling for seven months and more than 480 million kilometers. Once the Perseverance rover lands

Hackers are actively exploiting two unrelated high-severity vulnerabilities that allow unauthenticated access or even a complete takeover of networks run by Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.

The most serious exploits are targeting a critical vulnerability in F5’s Big-IP advanced delivery controller, a device that’s typically placed between a perimeter firewall and a Web application to handle load balancing and other tasks. The vulnerability, which F5 patched three weeks ago, allows unauthenticated attackers to remotely run commands or code of their choice. Attackers can then use their control of the device to hijack the internal network it’s connected