Enlarge / The image currently at the top of r/donaldtrump.

Original story: On Friday, Reddit joined this week’s response to violent online rhetoric as spearheaded by President Donald Trump and removed its “r/donaldtrump” community, the site’s largest existing community dedicated specifically to Trump. Visiting any of that community’s pages now leads to a simple message pointing to Reddit’s rules about “inciting violence,” which starts by saying, “Do not post violent content.”

Without a citation of specific Reddit threads or a formal announcement from Reddit administrators clarifying the move, users may be left wondering about the exact reason for the removal.

The US Justice Department has become the latest federal agency to say its network was breached in a long and wide-ranging hack campaign that’s believed to have been backed by the Russian government.

In a terse statement issued Wednesday, Justice Department spokesman Marc Raimondi said that the breach wasn’t discovered until December 24, which is nine days after the hack campaign came to light. The hackers, Raimondi said, took control of the department’s Office 365 system and accessed email sent or received from about 3 percent of accounts. The department has more than 100,000 employees.

Investigators believe the campaign


It looks like a giant asteroid is buzzing towards Earth and could reach us in the next couple of days. Interestingly, French astrologer, Nostradamus predicted this asteroid movement eons ago and the prediction is coming true. To note, the asteroid is 0.83 times the height of the Eiffel Tower and could either be a visual treat or a possible threat!

Asteroid As Big As Eiffle Tower Hurtling Towards Earth

Massive Asteroid Coming to Earth

The asteroid has been named 2021 CO247 and is quite massive in size. Presently, it is predicted that it would fly by the Earth at a 7.4

Enlarge / Side view of colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow on Red Square in front of the Kremlin, Russia.

Hackers working for the Russian government were “likely” behind the software supply chain attack that planted a backdoor in the networks of 180,000 private companies and governmental bodies, officials from the US National Security Agency and three other agencies said on Tuesday.

The assessment—made in a joint statement that also came from the FBI, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence—went on to say that the hacking campaign was a “serious compromise


Beginning the decade, ISRO has listed out its 10-year plan that includes gree fuel and reusable rockets. An ISRO official announced the premiere space agency’s decade-long plan to switch to the sustainable use of resources by bringing in heavy-lift rockets, reusable satellite launch vehicles, semi-cryogenic engines, and so on.

ISRO Green Initiative: What To Expect

ISRO’s Green Switch

One of the agendas topping the list is the switch to go green in the space industry. From the looks of it, ISRO is planning to replace hazardous fuel with non-hazardous fuel that is also environment-friendly for the rockets and


In a surprising turn of events, it looks like Alibaba group founder Jack Ma has been missing for the past two months. It looks like the Chinese billionaire hasn’t made any public appearances and there’s been no clear picture of his whereabouts. Several reports suggest his disappearance is linked to the Chinese government’s tightening grip on Ma’s empire.

Is Jack Ma Missing?

Where Is Jack Ma?

The first series doubt came around when Jack Ma failed to appear as a judge for the final episode of the talent show Africa’s Business Heroes, which he sponsors. Instead,