India Develops First Sustainable Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology; 3x Energy Than Conventional Li-Ion


Researchers are constantly on a lookout for technologies that prove useful as well as harmless for our environment. India like other nations has been contributing to the same. In the latest development, new battery technology has been developed which is not only said to give more energy than the conventional ones but also a safer alternative for the environment.

India Develops First Sustainable Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology

Country’s First Sustainable Li-Sulphur Battery Developed

The Li-S (Lithium-Sulphur) batteries have been developed by Shiva Nadar University. The new battery technology is being developed as a cost-effective source of energy which would be compact and energy-efficient; at the same time being environmental-friendly. The new battery technology is developed based on the roots of Green Chemistry.

How Does It Work?

The researchers have used by-products from the petroleum industry (Sulfur), agro-waste products and cardanol (a copolymer which is a by-product of cashew nut processing), and eugenol (clove oil) to develop the new battery technology.

We already know of the cathodic elements it is made of. Furthermore, this battery technology primarily synthesizes a bio-based molecule. The copolymer cardinal is used for sulfur-based structures which further creates the cathode materials for retaining an enhanced capacity charge. As mentioned earlier, the sulfur for the battery is sourced from the industrial wastes.

What All Can This New Battery Technology Power?

The new sustainable Li-S battery is said to be powerful enough even for commercial use. Once fully functional, the Li-S batteries are expected to drive the major tech industries. It is said to sustain enough power to run gadgets, drones, and even electric vehicles (EV) that uses such batteries as brains of operations.

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