Last Minute Deal: Save 98% on the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle

We have an awesome last minute deal on the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store.

The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle is available in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store for just $39.

A subset of machine learning, deep learning focuses on how machines use neural networks to learn from data. These neural networks are used to perform tasks and are adjusted to create a better outcome each time, paving the way for groundbreaking machines that learn on their own! This master class takes you through machine learning, neural networks, and several core tools, like Keras, TensorFlow, and Python as you work toward creating a model that can classify images.

Here is what is included in the bundle:

  1. The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course
  2. The Complete 2020 Web Developer Project Bootcamp
  3. Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 & CSS3
  4. Learn Flutter & Dart: Complete App Development Projects
  5. Data Mining with Python – Real-Life Data Science Exercises
  6. Beginners R Programming: Data Science and Machine Learning
  7. Python Programming, CS, Algorithms & Data Structures
  8. Django 2 & Python: The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp
  9. JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp
  10. The Deep Learning Masterclass: Classify Images with Keras

You can find out more details about this great deal on the 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle over at our deals store at the link below.

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