Ostrich Pillow has created a new heat pack designed to offer a modern alternative to the humble heated water bottle, offering a warm huggable companion that combines soft materials and state-of-the-art thermal efficiency to provide long lasting heat release. Offering two different sides the outward facing side offers a thick insulating foam layer preventing temperature […]

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Amazon Quiz is one of the exciting participatory set up on the popular e-commerce site. The Amazon Quiz for October 31, 2020, is live now and winners stand a chance to win Rs. 20,000 via Amazon Pay. Like all quizzes, Amazon India will be asking several product-related questions and provide a chance to win some goodies.

Play Amazon Quiz Today And Win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

What Is Amazon Quiz And How To Play

Amazon Quiz is quite similar to other quizzes, where it focuses on certain product details. Do note, one can participate in the quiz only via the Amazon app


Skywatchers and enthusiasts are in for a treat tonight (October 31) as the evening sky will host the Blue Moon. Moreover, the Blue Moon will also coincide with Halloween, a popular festival celebrated worldwide. According to NASA, the next Blue Moon on Halloween will come only in 2039! But before we get into the details, here’s a detailed explanation about the Blue Moon:

Witness The Blue Moon Tonight: Here's How To Watch It

What Is The Blue Moon?

The first thing to understand about the Blue Moon is that it won’t really look blue! If it does appear blue, it happens due

Google’s project zero says that hackers have been actively exploiting a Windows zeroday that isn’t likely to be patched until almost two weeks from now.

In keeping with long-standing policy, Google’s vulnerability research group gave Microsoft a seven-day deadline to fix the security flaw because it’s under active exploit. Normally, Project Zero discloses vulnerabilities after 90 days or when a patch becomes available, whichever comes first.

CVE-2020-117087, as the vulnerability is tracked, allows attackers to escalate system privileges. Attackers were combining an exploit for it with a separate one targeting a recently fixed flaw in Chrome. The former allowed

We have an awesome deal for our readers on the Naztech 20,000mAh 18W PD + QC3.0 Fabric Power Bank in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today, you can save 33% off the normal price. The Naztech 20,000mAh 18W PD + QC3.0 Fabric Power Bank normally retails for $89 and we have it in our deals […]

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Enlarge / Shozoku and ninjato are encouraged, but not strictly required, in order to compete.


Annual programming competition Runcode.ninja is back again in its fourth year, beginning Friday, November 6. RunCode is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers working in their spare time and focused on providing educational opportunities for coders and infosec folks. The online event allows programmers of all experience levels to tackle a wide array of challenges, using any of 14 supported programming languages.

This year, the competition theme is “all things web”—which means that most challenges will have something to do with websites; although the