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Millions of Americans live in broadband deserts with no access to anything resembling modern Internet service. But few people have it as bad as those who must rely on AT&T’s ancient DSL network.

Kathie McNamee of Raymond, Mississippi is one of those unlucky AT&T DSL customers. McNamee said she pays AT&T $35 a month for an up-to-768kbps Internet plan that rarely works well enough to be usable for her, her husband, and two teenage sons. McNamee contacted Ars after reading a story about AT&T incorrectly claiming that certain homes in Mississippi had access to broadband when


ISRO operations are in full swing with the premier space agency set to launch several communication satellites this week. Additionally, the Indian Space Research Organization is also working on the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV). The agency is set to test the new vehicle in December, which is said to benefit immensely.

ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Testing Set For Next Month

ISRO Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Details

The ISRO SSLV has been in development for a couple of years now. The launch vehicle is designed to carry up to 500 Kg of equipment and travel to low-Earth orbit. Also, as a

The source code leak disappeared from GitHub itself very quickly—and didn’t stay up on web.archive.org for very long after that.

Jim Salter

Last night, developer and privacy activist Resynth1943 announced that GitHub’s source code had been leaked on GitHub itself, in GitHub’s own DMCA repository. It’s going to take some unpacking to talk about that, but first things first—this isn’t as big a deal as it might sound like.

GitHub Enterprise Server != GitHub.com

Shortly after Resynth1943—who seems to have broken the news and described the code as having “just been leaked” by an unknown individual—reshared the announcement