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One of the features of Apple’s iMessages is that they are end-to-end encrypted. This is more or less the standard that we can expect from most communications apps these days, but oddly enough, Google’s Messages aren’t. However, the good news is that Google has since announced that they will be implementing end-to-end encryption soon.

For those unfamiliar, Google’s Android Messages is basically’s Google’s answer to Apple’s iMessage, where instead of sending regular, boring SMS, it takes advantage of RCS chat services that will allow for more media-rich text messages, similar to what you might expect from most messaging apps these

While Apple has relaxed its rules regarding game streaming services on its iOS devices, it is still somewhat restrictive as it would require companies to individually submit the games that would be playable through the service. The idea is that Apple wants to ensure that the games meets its own set of rules and regulations.

However, this isn’t particularly realistic as app libraries can change, and games can be removed, which is why if you’re an iOS user looking to stream games on your mobile device, you’ll be pleased to learn that NVIDIA has found a workaround through Safari. The

Enlarge / Security padlock in circuit-board background.

Google has begun rolling out end-to-end encryption for Rich Communication Service, the text-messaging standard the industry giant is pushing as an alternative to SMS.

Abbreviated as RCS, Rich Communication Service provides a, well, richer user experience than the ancient SMS standard. Typing indicators, presence information, location sharing, longer messages, and better media support are key selling points. They lead to things like better-quality photos and videos, chat over Wi-Fi, knowing when a message is read, sharing reactions, and better capabilities for group chats. As Ars Review Editor Ron Amadeo noted last year,


In order to expand the reach of Fire TV devices, Amazon has now added new support for the Hindi language. This means now you can converse with Alexa in Hindi. Earlier, this feature was available in only English; but now it will offer information, local knowledge, and more in Hindi. In addition, the company will also allow you to see Fire TV rows in Hindi.

Amazon Alexa Now Gets Hindi Language Support On Fire TV

How To Switch To The Hindi language

Users can change the language through Alexa Voice Remote by changing the settings, device options, and then tap on the