As expected, Disney has announced the launch of an online store in India and initially it will provide its facilities in 500 cities. The new store will be known as ShopDisney.in and will have brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney. Besides, the store will have accessories, clothing, toys, and school essentials.

Disney Launches Online Store: Here's How To Create Account

While purchasing products from the store, you can also choose Disney designed shipping boxes, gift wrapper, and free shipping that is above Rs. 999 orders. However, to purchase from the store, you need to first create an account following

A new scam is surfacing on WhatsApp where one can hack your WhatsApp through OTP verification. In this WhatsApp OTP scam, the hacker sends you personalized messages claiming to be your friend and asks for an OTP. When you provide that OTP, you will be locked out of your account and the hacker will be using it. Here, we are talking about this scam in detail and also there are some tips to protect yourself from such a scam.

What’s WhatsApp OTP scam?

In this scam, you will receive a message from someone claiming to be your friends and it

 iMicro Q2 as a smartphone microscope capable of providing a magnification up to 800 times, enabling you to see those things normally hidden to the human eye. It is about the size of a fingertip and weighs only 0.5g (~1/60 oz), it is alos very thin measuring just 3.2mm, with no parts extrude beyond the […]

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