Update, 11/29/20: It’s a very different Thanksgiving weekend here in 2020, but even if tables were smaller and travel non-existent, Ars staff is off for the holiday in order to recharge, take a mental afk break, and maybe stream a movie or five. But five years ago around this time, we were following a newly declassified government report from 1990 that outlined a KGB computer model… one that almost pulled a WarGames, just IRL. With the film now streaming on Netflix (thus setting our off day schedule), we thought we’d resurface this story for an accompanying Sunday read.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign the team responsible for creating the GENKI Covert Dock for the Nintendo Switch. Are now shipping their crowd funded Nintendo Switch portable dock and charger to eagerly awaiting backers. The tactical stealth dock for the Nintendo Switch is hidden inside a compact charger allowing you to free yourself from the […]

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November is coming to an end, and with it, the lunar eclipses for the year as well. Tomorrow (November 30), one can witness the last penumbral lunar eclipse of 2020, which also happens to coincide with Karthik Purnima, an Indian celebration. If you wish to witness the lunar eclipse, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Last Lunar Eclipse Of 2020: How To Watch November Lunar Eclipse

Last Lunar Eclipse 2020: How To Watch?

Space enthusiasts and sky gazers will likely be joined by people worldwide to view the last lunar eclipse of 2020. However, we in India might not be so