Back in July of 202o, Apple and Ireland won their multi billion euro court case with the European Union, the EU had previously told Apple to pay Ireland an extra €13 billion in taxes. Both Apple and Ireland disagreed with the ruling and decided to take the European Union to court, they ended up winning […]

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All of us must have experienced it once while attending a Zoom call Meeting, that the person at the other end complains about our mic issues. Like they are not able to hear us properly, or are we on mute, and so on. And we keep wondering what’s wrong on our end or did we messed up the audio again. Well, worry not today I’ll be sharing 10 ways to fix audio issues in the Zoom meeting. If the other person is still not able to hear you, even after trying all the below mentioned ways, then, he/she might have

Network security provider SonicWall said on Monday that hackers are exploiting a critical zeroday vulnerability in one of the devices it sells.

The security flaw resides in the Secure Mobile Access 100 series, SonicWall said in an advisory updated on Monday. The vulnerability, which affects SMA 100 firmware versions 10.x, isn’t slated to receive a fix until the end of Tuesday.

Monday’s update came a day after security firm NCC Group said on Twitter that it had detected “indiscriminate use of an exploit in the wild.” The NCC tweet referred to an earlier version of the SonicWall advisory that