We all know that when you search for something on Google, it saves your search history, moreover, it also tracks our browsing so it can show us potential ads. Sometimes you remember to delete your embarrassing search history but sometimes it’s there in our phones or computers, which may sometimes become a matter of shame for you. So to save you from such scenarios, we are telling here 5 ways to use Google Search without being tracked, stop Google from tracking you, and do a private search. Read on!

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We have been hearing rumors that Nintendo is working on a new Switch model. This is said to be the “Pro” model that will offer better performance, perhaps a mini LED display, and more. However, if you were hoping to buy a new version soon, don’t hold your breath. A report from Bloomberg who recently […]

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Amazon has earned the title of one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world. However, a lot of things are about to change for the company in the coming months. The founder and CEO – Jeff Bezos is going to step down and will continue his association as the executive chairman. Bezos will be handing over the reins to Andy Jassy.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos To Step Down

Why Is Jeff Bezos Stepping Down?

For all those wondering, Bezos isn’t retiring. “I’ve never had more energy, and this isn’t about retiring,” he said in a note to his