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3 Ways to Set Location Based Reminders on Android and iPhone – Gadgets To Use


With such a busy life, we often tend to forget things quite easily. And when that thing strikes back in our mind again, it’s already too late to work on them. Have you ever wished that there should be a way to get reminder alerts based on specific locations? Don’t worry today I’ll be sharing 2 ways to set location-based reminders on your phone.

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Ways to Set Location-Based Reminders

1. Using Google keep

  • Download and Install Google Keep on your phone.
  • Create any notes you want to get reminded about, by click the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the tiny little bell icon on the top right panel.Keep Reminder bell
  • Now a window will open (shown in the image), here you can set the reminder on 2 bases:
  • Click Save.

That’s it, the app will push a reminder alert at the designated time or place.

2. Using Google Assistant

You can ask your Google Assistant to set a reminder for you. For example, you can say:

  • “Ok Google, set a reminder.”
  • “Ok Google, remind me to call my friend to discuss and plan the Goa trip.” 😁

You can set the reminder for a certain time or location, but not both.

Bonus Tip

You can even set a reminder for others using the same device (like a smart speaker/display), the only condition required is:

  •  For this, you and the person you’re assigning a reminder to both should be signed in to the same display

You can manage your reminders from Phone Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > Google App.

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3. Using Siri

You can ask Siri on your Apple device to set a reminder for you, by either pressing the Home/Power button or just saying “Hey, Siri”. For example, you can say:

“Hey Siri, Remind me to put my iPhone on charge when I get home”siri

So these were some easy ways by which you can set up, either a time-based or location-based reminder on your phone. I hope now you won’t forget your important tasks now. You can try anyone as per your choice.

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