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6 Telegram Hidden Features To Make Your Chatting Experience Better – Gadgets To Use


Telegram has gained popularity in the recent few weeks after people got concerned over WhatsApp privacy policy changes. If you too have recently moved to Telegram, you will need to know some of its tips and tricks, just like you know WhatsApp. So here are some Telegram hidden features for you if you are new to this messaging platform.

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Telegram Hidden Features

Some of Telegram features we have already mentioned in our previous articles, and you can check out these here. For more such hidden features, read on!

Auto-delete Account

Most uses have flocked to Telegram for security and privacy reasons. So, here is a hidden security feature of Telegram for all those. Well, users can set their Telegram account to auto-delete if they are away for some time and there’s no need to worry about what happens to your account even when they die.

To use this feature, go to Settings > Privacy and Security> Delete my account. Now, tap on If Away For to choose time duration. If you don’t use Telegram much, you can choose a longer time, otherwise, it might get deleted when someone becomes less active.

Find People By Location

This is another useful feature of Telegram that offers a wonderful opportunity for those who like to make new friends. The Nearby feature allows you to discover new groups and new people nearby.

But to use this feature, these users and groups should also have this feature enabled.

Go to Contacts tab and give it location permissions when asked. That’s it! You are now ready to make new friends and join new groups of your liking.

Slow Mode

Telegram groups can add up to 200,000 members. So an active group usually sees hundreds of messages daily which makes it difficult to keep track of conversation.

Thankfully, group admins have the option of Slow Mode that asks group members to wait for a set time before they can send another message.

Go to your group and tap on Edit > Permissions. Here, select the duration at the bottom of the page. That’s it! Now your group members will not be able to spam the group.

Custom Chat Background

Whatsapp received this feature recently and Telegram also haa Chat Backgrounds feature. Here, you can set any picture from your gallery as the chat background. Android users can also add some effects using editor.

Like in the image above, you can choose theme as per your preference and click on the ‘Change Chat Background’ option.

Personalized Private Channels

You know you can create channels (Public/Private)  on Telegram. Public channels are open and visible to all telegram users and anyone can join them. However, in private channels only admin has the full access.

Create Personalised Private Channel using Telegram

  • iPhone: Go to Chats tab, click on New Message option in the top-right corner and choose New Channel option.
  • Android: Go to Chats and click the pencil icon and choose ‘New Channel’ from the list.
  • Desktop: Tap “hamburger” menu in the top-left corner and choose New Channel option.

Record Video Messages

You can send recorded video messages to your contacts on Telegram unlike other apps where you can only send voice messages.

To use this option, go to that Chat and click on mic icon. If you are the first time user, you’ll need to allow access to click images and videos.

After clicking on mic option, switch to camera mode and hold the camera icon to record video message. For easier access, slide this icon up to record the video itself. Once you are done, click on release button. You can also preview your video message before sending.

Bonus Tip: Create Poll in Groups

You probably know that Telegram has some amazing group chat features. For example, you can add up to 2,00,000 members in a group. But do you know that you can even create a poll in Telegram groups.

Just head to any Telegram group chat and tap on the attachment icon and then select Poll from the available options.

After that enter your poll question and options. That’s it. You can also change poll settings such as anonymous voting and multiple answers.

So, now you know some tips and tricks of this new messenger that you can enjoy with your friends and groups.

These were only a few Telegram hidden features that we have mentioned, as it has several other such features. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks!

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