Airtel Might Extend Its Partnerships With Verizon To Launch More Services In India


Airtel has recently joined hands with Verizon to launch a video-conferencing application in the country. The partnership will allow Airtel to offer its services to enterprises initially. However, it is expected that Airtel will launch more products with Verizon.

Airtel Might Extend Its Partnerships With Verizon

Both Airtel and Verizon have been working with each other for many years. And now, there are chances that the former will expand into various segments, including enterprises and MSMEs.

Airtel Might Focus on Small and Home Enterprises

Besides, the telecom operator is planning to focus on small and home enterprises, which will be supported by its home broadband services. Gopal Vittal from Airtel has shared this informed that there are several areas, where we can tap the opportunity in the country. He said Airtel is not the first company that launched the app. But still, our app will solve security and privacy concerns.

“Airtel BlueJeans is a highly differentiated video conferencing solution that sets the benchmark with its high levels of security and ease of use. We look forward to building a deep partnership with Verizon to serve the needs of emerging digital India,” Vittal added. Furthermore, the partnership covers BlueJeans Events, BlueJeans Meetings, and BlueJeans Gateway.

Airtel BlueJeans: Details

Airtel BlueJeans app is free for three months, and once the subscription ends, users have to pay for the services. Notably, the Airtel BlueJeans model is different from Reliance Jio’s newly launched application called JioMeet. The company will launch three packages initially.

“We will launch three packages for our consumers – one for large enterprise, the second one for medium and the third for tiny or small business,” Vittal said. He added that “We will reveal packages for BlueJeans over the next few days.”

Furthermore, Airtel states that it might expand its services to other parts of the world, especially to African countries. But, currently, it will focus on the Indian operations. The major and the biggest difference from other existing applications as this is only enterprises, and soon it will launch for end consumers.

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