Ant MK3400W Mechanical Keyboard Review: Affordable Yet Outstanding


Design And Compatibility

The Ant MK3400W mechanical keyboard is available in black color option and looks like a standard mechanical gaming keyboard. The company has also focused on the palm rest which is quite impressive and it helps you to rest your palm while typing and playing games on your PC.

Besides, the keyboard also sports a branding of game title World of Warships on the palm rest because the company has joined hands with a game company to launch this edition. Ant has also added red LED lights on both the edges of the keyboard which give you a feel of a pro gamer when you’re gaming with all lights off.

The overall design of the keyboard is very decent and at the same time, it gives you a premium look. It also sports RGB LED-Backlit which can be customized via the dedicated mode button on the keyboard. Yes, it doesn’t have any application to customize the LED light modes. It has 14 sets of RGB-Backlit patterns which can be set according to your requirement.

On the compatibility part, the MK3400W is compatible with almost all the PCs, Laptops and MacBook as well. It sports a rugged gold-plated corrosion free USB connector.

Ant MK3400W Key Quality And Blue Switches

Ant MK3400W Key Quality And Blue Switches

I have been using this keyboard for almost a week and I must say that the key quality of the device feels premium. It offers the Cherry MX Blue switches which provide a tactile bump along with an audible click which is responsible for the key response.

There are many high-end brands which use Cherry MX Blue switches on their mechanical keyboards, it requires only 50G of operating force which means one should need the only 50gram of pressure to click a key. It delivers 2.2mm actuation point with a total distance of 4mm. The total life span (Keystrokes) of Cherry MX Blue switches are 50 million.

We have noticed Cherry MX Blue switches on premium keyboards from Logitech, Zebronics, and lot more. It’s quite interesting that companies like Ant is managing to offer the same technology at an affordable price point.

Ant MK3400W Mechanical Keyboard Performance

Ant MK3400W Mechanical Keyboard Performance

During my use, I haven’t face issues with the key response and with the inclusion of Cherry MX Blue switches on the MK3400W the typing speed has also seen a hike. This entire review article is also written on the same keyboard.

However, I do have some complaints with the company in terms of LED-backlit quality. In the initial usage of the MK3400W, I have noticed some LED lights stopped working, in my case it was Windows button and Screen Lock key. Although the keys are working perfectly I don’t accept that my new mechanical RGB keyboard missing out on some LEDs so early.

During my use I have also witnessed the comeback of Window Key’s LED, however, it still not responding to any of the backlit patterns. It’s on with all the 14 patterns not even blinking for once.

I have also noticed some keys sticking for long disrupting my typing speed. I have faced this issue with the space bar and dash key. Apart from that, the key response of the device is quite impressive.

Gaming Performance

Gaming Performance

As the company is promoting the device as a gaming keyboard I was bound to test it with different categories games and check the performance. I have connected the Ant MK3400W with my gaming PC and played a few games for long hours.

During my gaming session, I have tested the keyboard with game titles like PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile Emulator, Fifa 2020, Red Redemption 2, Far Cry 5, Call of Duty, World War Z, and lot more. Most of the game titles were first-person shooting game which requires a lot of W, A, S, D usage for movement and other keys like Shift for running fast and Space bar for jumping obstacles.

In my four hours of a gameplay session, I was very aggressive with the keyboard, but I’m impressed with the fact is that the response of every keystroke was accurate and quick.

However, I was a little disappointed with the fact that the backlight mode doesn’t have a dedicated gaming pattern which highlights only gaming keys. The overall gaming performance of the Ant mechanical keyboard was impressive and it has not missed a single chance to impress me.

Thoughts About Ant MK3400W Mechanical Keyboard

Thoughts About Ant MK3400W Mechanical Keyboard

In conclusion, I would like to shed some lights on the fact that there are very fewer brands in the Indian gaming market which offers good quality mechanical keyboard for gaming in a budget range. The type of form factor and build quality Ant MK3400W is offering is appreciable.

Most of the keyboard available in the market which claims to mechanical are the fake one and the ones which are real doesn’t fall in the budget segment. Looking at the backlit LED quality of the keyboard it’s very difficult to say about the durability of the LED-backlit, but if you ignore that fact then you’re getting an impressive mechanical gaming keyboard in 2K range.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard in the same segment then you can keep this in your priority list.

Along with the keyboard, you get Rs. 1,000 worth code which can be redeemed when creating a new account on World of Warships website. Using the coupon, one can get free in-game items on the free-to-play World of Warships game. Plus, WoWs has partnered with ANT Esports to bring a mouse pad and a gaming mouse as well.


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