Apple Acquires Voysis To Enhance Siri Capabilities


Looks like Apple is on an acquisition spree. The iPhone maker regularly acquires artificial intelligence startups to enhance Siri’s capabilities. But with the latest acquisition of an AI startup called Voysis, Apple might make Siri more conversational. This is in particular reference to using Siri for shopping via mobile apps in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant To Get Better With Latest Acquisition

Apple Acquires Voysis

This is the latest acquisition by Apple after purchasing the weather forecast app Dark Sky. According to the Bloomberg report, which first reported the new acquisition, it remains unclear how Apple will be using the technology developed by Voysis. The AI startup’s tech involves processing natural language with software that takes up minimal space on a smartphone.

In this case, it’s expected that Apple will incorporate Voysis into the voice assistant to make it as seamless as Google Assistant. The latest iOS13 made Siri‘s voice a bit more natural, yet it fails to understand the context of the queries unless the questions are phrased in a particular way.

Bloomberg also looked into the Voysis website, which explains that its technology allows shoppers to ask voice assistants to narrow down shopping search results with phrases. For instance, something like “I need a new LED TV,” and “My budget is under $1,000.”

With Voysis in hand, Apple could take the technology to incorporate it into Siri to make it easier to ask contextual follow-up questions for more difficult queries, anything beyond weather forecasts! Bloomberg also notes that the Voysis website is offline now.

Comparatively, Google Assistant understands the context much better with natural phrasing than Siri does. Of course, Siri’s capabilities have increased since Apple first introduced the virtual assistant back in 2011. Yet, Siri has lagged behind Google Assistant and Alexa; and for many reasons, this has been largely related to Apple’s foothold in privacy and security.

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