Apple Patents Curved Glass Mac For Future Devices



Apple, known for exploring unusual designs for its devices, has come up with a unique one for Mac. At least that’s what its latest patent hints at. The company has applied for a patent on a desktop Mac design. The interesting bit here is that the design consists of a single sheet of curved glass with a wedge at the back.

Future Apple Mac Could Be Built Using Curved Sheet Of Glass

Curved Glass Mac

While Apple is known for its varied Mac designs, the new one is certainly eye-catching. From the looks of it, the curved glass Mac could house both the processing components and prop up the design. The patented design reveals a slot at the bottom center where the user can pass a keyboard through.

The design shows a curved glass, which Apple suggests a possibility of altering the curvature to adjust the display angle. The iPhone maker also speculated folding the curved glass to shut the system. Moreover, the suggestion of sliding the MacBook’s keyboard section through the slot reveals more about the design. For one, it could be used for a laptop dock instead of a full-fledged computer.

“The electronic device may include a display coupled to the glass housing member and configured to provide a visual output at the display area,” the patent reads. The curved glass Mac patent application also reveals some information on Apple’s design process. Apple has also suggested that it would revamp the desktop Mac at the appropriate time.

Future Apple Mac Could Be Built Using Curved Sheet Of Glass

Will It Launch?

Apple generally files a lot of patents and most of them are related to the design of a product. However, the new patent is not a product roadmap for Apple. It’s uncertain if the curved glass Mac will launch anytime soon. While foldable phones are still making way to the market, foldable desktops might still take a while to launch.

Practically speaking, the patented design has some technical limitations like overcoming the adjustability of the display. For the current and upcoming iMac, Apple will likely go with a practically tested design.

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