Asteroid As Big As Eiffle Tower Hurtling Towards Earth: How Dangerous Is It?


It looks like a giant asteroid is buzzing towards Earth and could reach us in the next couple of days. Interestingly, French astrologer, Nostradamus predicted this asteroid movement eons ago and the prediction is coming true. To note, the asteroid is 0.83 times the height of the Eiffel Tower and could either be a visual treat or a possible threat!

Asteroid As Big As Eiffle Tower Hurtling Towards Earth

Massive Asteroid Coming to Earth

The asteroid has been named 2021 CO247 and is quite massive in size. Presently, it is predicted that it would fly by the Earth at a 7.4 million kilometers distance. With such distance, the new asteroid shouldn’t pose any imminent threat to life on Earth.

To make matters more interesting, several massive asteroids are hurtling towards Earth apart from the 2021 CO247 asteroid. To recall, a couple of days back on January 3, a 220-meter wide asteroid flew past the Earth at 6.9 million kilometer distance. This asteroid was believed to be as tall and massive as the Golden Gate Bridge.

Adding to the list of massive asteroids coming towards Earth, another one called 2021 AC is also expected to flyby the Earth today (January 6). This asteroid is believed to be twice the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Luckily, this too shall not pose any imminent threat to the life of Earth as it would be passing by at a distance of roughly 3.5 million kilometers.

More Near-Earth Objects Passing By

Asteroids are one aspect of the Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). NASA notes that January would be a feast for the star grazers and enthusiasts as several other NEOs would be flying by. Firstly, another asteroid 2019 YB4 that is 15-meter wide would be zooming past Earth at a distance of 6.4 million kilometers.

Two other asteroids named 2020 YA1 and 2020 YP4 would also be bustling past Earth at a distance of 1.5 million and 2.1 million kilometers, respectively. NASA stressed that these asteroids or other NEOs don’t pose any significant threat here. Moreover, such massive asteroids pass by Earth at such a distance a few times every year. However, it hasn’t been easy to record their movement because of their uncertain direction.

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