Google Messages app will stop working on certain Android devices from March 31, 2021. As per a string found in the APK teardown of the Messages app, Google will disable the app from the uncertified devices. Google might be planning to offer end-to-end encryption for its messaging service and those uncertified devices may prove to be a security risk in doing so. Read on to know more details and check if your device is certified or not.

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What’s the matter?

As per XDA

Republic Day is coming and there will be a number of online sales marking the occasion. Amazon and Flipkart have already started their sales and like every other sale, they are offering handsome discounts across their product categories. If you are looking forward to buying a new smartphone, this could be the chance for you. There are a number of popular smartphones on discount and if you do not know how to make the right purchase, we have listed here some tips to buy the best smartphones on Amazon and Flipkart.

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Many people are shifting from WhatsApp to telegram and other apps like Signal after the recent privacy policy changes of Facebook-owned messenger. If you are one of those who switched to Telegram messenger from WhatsApp, here are some cool chatting tricks for you that you don’t get in WhatsApp. We are listing three chat features that make Telegram better than WhatsApp.

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Telegram Chat Features

Silent Messages

If you don’t want to disturb someone late at night but also want to remind them about something by sending a text,

Sometimes we get delayed notifications on Android smartphones and this may be frustrating, especially at times when these notifications are from certain work-related apps. Sometimes app notifications arrive a few minutes late and sometimes we have to wait for even hours to receive a new mail or message. So if you too are not getting notifications on time, here are some fixes for that. Read on!

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Fixes For Delayed Notifications on Android

Background Restriction

Android smartphones restrict certain apps from using your phone’s battery in the background to save

“Meme” has become a very common word in our everyday life. Unless you live on a deserted island in complete isolation? Well, if you do. How are you accessing the internet from there and reading this article? Nowadays memes can be found on every single online platform, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even WhatsApp, in both pictures and video forms. But have you ever thought, how these super amazing memes are created which make you roll over the floor? Today I’m gonna share a few ways by which you can make Memes on phone that too for FREE!!


Earlier this month, it was reported that WhatsApp would be implementing a new privacy policy that would essentially allow them to share data with Facebook. This has led to a lot of confusion as many were unaware of what exactly WhatsApp would be sharing, and many assumed the worst, which led to WhatsApp publishing an FAQ.

However, it seems that the FAQ might not have been enough as users appear to still be confused as to what these changes entail, so much so that WhatsApp has announced on its blog that they will now be delaying the changes