Chinese Apps Ban: 4000 Tonnes Cargo From China, Hong Kong On Hold In Bengaluru


Amidst the ban on Chinese apps imposed by the Indian government, over 4,000 tonnes of cargo from China and Hong Kong are on hold in Bengaluru. It is held by the office of the Bangalore Customs at KIA (Kempegowda International Airport) and Inland Container Depot located in Whitefield over the last five days. There is a backlash among traders as there isn’t any government order for the same.

4000 Tonnes Cargo From China, Hong Kong On Hold In Bengaluru

Given that the COVID-19 crisis has left a major impact on imports in Mumbai, there has been high traffic at the Bengaluru air and inland cargo for electronic imports. However, the anti-Chinese sentiments in the country have impacted the same and nearly 4000 tonnes of cargo are held at Bengaluru.

Electronics From China On Hold

As per airport sources via Times Of India, nearly 80{9e1da16bad3afc7a5f40b72bc8a74962aa496be5d80d3159b9e2870e6dd27062} of the cargo at the air cargo section originates from China. And, it is said to comprise of computers and cellphones. On average, over 1000 tonnes of consignments are shipped to Bengaluru cargo units. And, almost 70{9e1da16bad3afc7a5f40b72bc8a74962aa496be5d80d3159b9e2870e6dd27062} of Inland Depot’s consignments are touted to be from China.

Over the past five days, more than 4000 tonnes of cargo is said to be held at the airport. These are said to belong mainly to a Chinese cellphone brand, which is a market leader in the country. It is said to have its office in Kadubeesanahalli. While the goods from Hong Kong and China are said to be on hold, goods from other countries such as Sweden, the US, and New Zealand have been cleared.

What Holds For the Future?

As of now, as many as 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India by the government. We are yet to know if the same will continue with the Chinese hardware. If it appears to be true, then we can expect major changes to happen in the growth of Indian brands in the coming months and years. However, we need to wait for further developments.

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