Chinese language Tianwen-1 Rover Lands On Mars; Second To Do So After NASA Perseverance


Exploring Mars has been the highest agenda for a number of nations right here. Whereas NASA has efficiently landed the Perseverance rover to discover the Pink Planet, China is following its footsteps carefully. The newest information reveals that China’s Tianwen-1 mission has efficiently landed its first rover on Mars, changing into the second nation to get a rover on the Martian floor.

Chinese Tianwen-1 Mission Lands On Mars

China Tianwen-1 Mission Reaches Mars

Wanting again, the Chinese language Nationwide Area Administration (CNSA) launched the Tianwen-1 mission to Mars. Chinese language information companies Xinhua and CGTN have reported that the probe rover has landed on Pink Planet. The Chinese language Tianwen-1 mission carried a golf-cart-sized rover referred to as Zhurong, a lander, and an orbiter to Mars in an try and discover it.

The Zhurong rover, which is called after an historic hearth god in Chinese language mythology, will start its mission by first imaging and self-inspecting its elements earlier than rolling out into the alien planet. As soon as deployed, the rover is predicted to spend round 90 days ( that’s round 93 Earth days).

Going into the main points, the rover packs six wheels and is roughly the scale of NASA’s twin Mars rovers Spirit and Alternative. The first mission of the Zhurong rover is to review and perceive the planet’s composition and appears for indicators of water ice. The rover is carrying scientific devices that embody two panoramic cameras, ground-penetrating radar, and a magnetic area detector – all of which is able to assist to review the local weather and climate on Mars.

Race To Attain Mars

A number of nations have tried to ship rovers to Mars to raised perceive the Pink Planet. Lots of these missions have failed and crashed their rovers with a tough touchdown. Nonetheless, the Tianwen-1 mission touchdown has marked the second nation to get its rover efficiently on Mars. The already current NASA Perseverance rover is exploring the planet to seek out indicators of life.

That mentioned, a number of orbiters are circling Mars. This consists of orbiters from NASA, ESA, ISRO, and one other from UAE. The Chinese language orbiter may also proceed to circle Mars and relay indicators from the lander and rover. The complete mission is predicted to run for roughly three months.

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Story first revealed: Saturday, Might 15, 2021, 10:32 [IST]

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