Coronavirus Effect: Google Video Pays Homage To Medical Workers

Google Video During Lockdown

Dubbed “Where There’s Help, There’s Hope“, the new Google video focuses on common people worldwide helping the elderly and the poor in these trying times. The video highlights the coronavirus lockdown and how people are helping those in need, including small businesses, neighbors, communities, and others.

What’s The Purpose?

The Google video was posted on Google trends to show the company’s solidarity to overcome the global crisis. The video is also a special homage to healthcare personnel. A blog post by Google, along with the video reads: “We thank them for every late night, every extra shift… We thank them for showing up every day and night, all in service of saving lives and helping others.”

It was found that people are searching for other ways to help others to stay positive during the continuing lockdown. Google notes that “How to help” searches on its platform have multiplied over the past few weeks. The 1:30 minute-long video on Google Trends is also a sign of gratitude, not just for medical care personnel, but to other common people extending their support.

Google Contributes To Combat Coronavirus

Google Contributes To Combat Coronavirus

Recently, Google pledged $800 million to various health organizations around the world. The funds are aimed to help researchers and businesses that have been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Google said that depending on the nature, it will be aiding with monetary funds, ad credits or cloud services.

Apart from this, Google also formed a partnership with Apple to develop a new Bluetooth-based contact tracing solution. The new feature turns smartphones into COVID-19 tracking devices and alerts users to limit their proximity with infected people.

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