Coronavirus Effect: ISRO Shifts Focus To Ventilators


ISRO is doing its part to help the country in the fight against coronavirus. The space agency has put the launch of satellites and other space missions on hold. Instead, it is designing and developing simple to operate ventilators, a top official at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center noted. All rocket and satellite developments have been paused.

Coronavirus Effect: ISRO Shifts Focus From Satellites To Ventilators

ISRO Joins Fight Against Coronavirus

Apart from ventilators, the Indian Space Research Organization is also manufacturing sanitizers, oxygen canisters, and masks. According to a report by IANS, senior staff at the VSSC in Kerala said that all the staff are safe and have been maintaining the norms of social distancing while manufacturing these essentials.

“We are designing ventilators that are different from what is already there. We are designing ventilators that can be operated in a simple manner and when the power supply is not there,” said S. Somanath, Director at the VSSC. He further clarified that ISRO is only designing the ventilators, which will be manufactured on a large scale by industries.

Furthermore, he explained that ISRO is also making sanitizers, where over 1,000 liters have been sent out. Similarly, masks are also being manufactured by employee societies, Somanath added.

What About ISRO Satellites

The Vikram Sarabhai Space Center is where the rockets for Indian and foreign satellite launches are developed. The ISRO employees have been asked to work from home. The report notes that all the communication and computer systems are working in a safe and secure condition.

“Our communication and computer networks are safe and secure and those who can work from home are working from home while critical operations are taken care of by deploying necessary staff. Whenever needed, video conferencing is also held,” Somnath explained.

To recall, ISRO had scheduled to launch the Geo Imaging Satellite-1 GISAT-1 aboard the GSLV-F10 rocket on March 5. ISRO had announced a technical glitch delaying the launch. Somnath further confirmed that the rocket has been brought back from the launchpad to the assembling building.

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