Coronavirus OutBreak: Avoid Doing These 7 Things Online


COVID 19 or coronavirus disease has just spread like wildfire in the last few months. It has become a huge health concern all over the world. As no proper cure has been found yet, many people are speculating different things about it. Almost 3000 people have lost their lives. It first started in Hubei and had gradually spread to almost 60 countries. Everyone wants to protect themselves but at times they are falling prey to misinformation over the Internet.

Coronavirus OutBreak: Avoid Doing These 7 Things Online

Do not go for online ads when they show that you can buy specialized masks for coronavirus: You should never fall for these kinds of masks as to be very honest there are no such masks available which will particularly let you stay protected from coronavirus.

Don’t believe in the comparison of N95 and surgical masks: In no way are N95 masks way better than those of surgical masks as the size of the SARS-CoV2 viruses are very small. With the help of only masks, you cannot guarantee full protection if yourself. They are so small that they can easily pass through the N95 masks.

Do not purchase any oil or medicines to prevent coronavirus: Do not fall for any kind of products which will show that you can cure yourself of the virus as there is no official cure for it. They can just do that to earn some money by tricking you.

It is better not to search for any kind of information online as most of the information might be fake or misconstrued which will lead to another problem.

Do not believe in any kind of test kit for coronavirus as there is no official test kit for it yet. Most of them might be selling fake test kits or are selling fake products. Another step that you should definitely follow is that in no way should you believe in TikTok videos and WhatsApp messages as they might give completely wrong information about the coronavirus.

Even you should not watch or follow Youtubers or influencers talking about coronavirus and do what are the things they are saying to be done. Do not even take the suggestions that they might be providing. It’s always better to consult a doctor first.

If you feel that you are sick or that you are suffering for cough and cold or fever for a few days and normal medicines are not helping you, you should immediately consult a doctor. Don’t try to search for the symptoms on your own online. Do not panic or make others panic. First, consult the doctor and then decide.

If you go through any unverified article on social media, don’t share them and create more panic among people, and stay away from phishing emails from global bodies or WHO too. Stay away from fake emails as they can trick users and spread malware. It becomes a very problematic global issue. It’s better to not to fall for them not to share such mails.

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