Curiosity Rover Completes 9 Years On Mars: All the things It Has Unearthed Until Now


NASA Curiosity rover has accomplished 9 years exploring Mars, sending again volumes of knowledge again to Earth. Trying again, the tiny, car-sized rover headed to Mars in November 2011 and at last landed on Mars on August 5, 2021. The landing inside Mars’ Gale Crater has been revolutionary, serving to scientists higher below the Purple Planet since then.

Curiosity Rover Completes Nine Years On Mars

Curiosity Rover Celebrates ninth Anniversary On Mars

The 9 years on Mars have been extraordinary for the Curiosity rover and the crew working it again on Earth. The Mars rover has traveled 25.98 km over these years and its odometer continues to maintain ticking for years to come back. The crew says it may last as long as 14 years, due to the nuclear energy system on it.

Curiosity Rover Helped Uncover Purple Planet

Curiosity has been a pivotal function in understanding and exploring Mars. One of many key understandings gathered from the rover is how Mars has modified over time. The rover has proven how the Gale Crater might have hosted a lake-and-stream system that might have been able to supporting Earth-like life.

Furthermore, Curiosity has additionally been instrumental in understanding the geographic and weather conditions of Mars. The samples despatched again to Earth have helped to find out how Mars’ comparatively heat local weather has modified to a chilly one now. Plus, it has now unearthed the presence of liquid water on the Martian floor, additional unraveling the thriller of the planet.

Carbon-containing, natural chemical compounds have additionally been collected by the Curiosity rover. Plus, concentrations of methane have additionally been found on Mars. To notice, Methane on Earth is usually generated by dwelling creatures. On the identical time, Methane may also be produced by abiotic processes. Regardless of this knowledge, the presence of Methane on Gale Crater remains to be a thriller.

Curiosity Has Firm Now

Curiosity has now accomplished 9 years in exploring the Purple Planet and it is not simply achieved but. Now, the rover has bought firm from a few different robots as nicely. There may be the NASA InSight lander, which landed on Mars in 2018. There may be additionally the Perseverance rover, whose most important mission is to search out sources of previous life on the planet.

Perseverance landed on Mars fairly just lately has a number of trendy gear, together with the Ingenuity helicopter. Whereas these are rovers from NASA, China has additionally joined the league of Mars explorers. Zhurong rover, which is a part of the Tianwen-1 has landed on Mars this 12 months and is designed to final three months. With all these rovers up there, going to Mars just isn’t far-off!

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Story first printed: Thursday, August 5, 2021, 17:31 [IST]

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