E-token Mandatory For Liquor As Delhi Citizens Break Social Distancing Rules


The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has halted the pace of the entire world; calling for an emergency lockdown situation. India has also been affected badly due to this epidemic situation leading to organizations put a brake on production.

E-token Mandatory For Liquor In Delhi

Not only industries, but schools, colleges, and commercial places such as cinema halls and shopping malls have been shut. This has taken a toll on the country’s economy

And if you have been following the news, you must be aware of the chaos created with the reopening of liquor shops.

Huge queues were spotted throughout the country outside the wine shops. The social distancing is what was being mocked as people started flocking lining up to 3 km at some places. Looking at the seriousness of this situation, the Delhi Government has announced an e-token system to purchase liquor in the national capital.

This move will help in maintaining the norms of social distancing and also follow law and order. A statement by the Delhi Government quotes, ”To curb violations of social distancing norms, crowding and law and order issues during the sale of liquor in the city, the Delhi government decided to introduce the e-token system.”

How And Where To Get The E-Token For Liquor In Delhi?

The Delhi government has announced a web link wherein the masses could go and purchase an e-token for the liquor. You can click on this link or type on any of your web browsers to get started. Do note that you need to be above 21 years to apply for the e-token.

You will be asked to fill certain details on the application page such as your name and phone number. The e-coupon will be sent on the number that has been registered which can be later used to purchase liquor from the nearby stores.

It is worth mentioning that there has been an additional 70 percent tax being imposed on the alcohol sale in Delhi which the government is calling as a ‘special corona fee’. This was the first step taken by the official to curb the social distancing. There is also a possibility that the government begins home delivery of alcohol in the coming days to further prevent people from flocking the liquor stores.

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